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Spirit of American Trucker

By Deborah Whistler
Fleet Trucker

The “Spirit of the American Trucker” tour truck has returned to the road visiting truck stops and trucking events throughout the U.S. as an outreach program for the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Assn.

The “Spirit” is the official tour truck of OOIDA, and is driven by Jon Osburn of Boise, ID, who’s been an OOIDA member since 1993. The truck tour is sponsored by companies such as Michelin, Rush Truck Centers and 4-State Trucks in Joplin, MO.

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Taking another long Vacation.

HI everyone. I have been on another long vacation from Hot shot trucking. This time I am in Ajijic Mexico. Why? You might ask. Well, this is the best place in the world to get into shape. As you know driving a truck in any industry can be bad for your health. No time to exercise or plan a healthy diet, the long pressing hours can take a toll on your body. I had decided my body has had enough. So 5 weeks ago I moved down here to take a break. I chose this place because of the perfect year around weather.   It is like spring year around and that gives me every reason to go walking or jogging and into the gym. It is also very affordable (I spent $800 last month for everything!) and finding fresh food at the local markets is fun and healthy. There is also a Walmart here and anything you could ever need is 25 miles away in Guadalajara. Also, IT IS SAFE. There is a large expatriate community here around 10,000 snowbirds and retiree’s. So you meet tons of interesting people as well. If anyone needs a break or just wants to come get in shape with me feel free to shoot me an email and you can join me for fun in the sun. Here is a shot of the Malocan I walk every morning. Hope to hear from you….

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Great customer question!

Hello Hot Shot Trucking 101,

Just wanted to ask you, where would we go to find loads? Is there brokers that are for hotshot service trucks?

My wife and I have our trucking business already, we have our own DOT # and our own MC #. We are looking at maybe putting a hotshot truck and trailer together, but do not no where to look for loads?

If you have any suggestions, we would love to hear about them.

Thank you for your time,

Hot Shot Trucking 101 response:

Hi Jerry,

I really don’t recommend ever using a broker,they take to much of your profit as I am sure you know already. Instead ,since you already have your authority I would just sell your services to the oil business and when you get a good customer just sign on some O/O. That is just a recommendation and what I am in the process of doing. I do know that the business in the San Antonio is more competitive than the Permian Basin because of the difference in population there but competition is good for business. Directional Drilling companies are a good start. There is several out of Conroe I have delivered to. Any kind of down hole tool companies are great because they mostly operate during the week unlike the directional drilling companies that call you at the worst times. In my opinion marketing yourself with business cards, flyers and boots on the ground research are the best. Go to the smaller oil companies. In my experience it is better to do business with the oil companies directly than through service companies they use.
The oilfield industry is all about networking and meeting people and the rewards can be 10 fold what the rest of the trucking industry allows.

Again, Thanks for purchasing my E-guide. Great questions! I hope this will help.

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So you want to be a hot shot truck driver?

I have a guide that will give you information on Hot Shot Trucking. It outlines the in’s and out’s, up’s and downs of the industry.  I have made a lot of money in this industry and I have put this together so you can decide if this industry is for you. Good luck!

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Hot Shot Vacation.

My vacation from last year after driving my hotshot for 6 months. I went to the Philippine Islands and Thailand for 2 and a half months. Travel is somewhat of a hobby and hot shot trucking has allowed me to have some fun. Of course you can choose your own hobby and I don’t recommend leaving your contract for a vacation but the oilfield is booming now and finding a new contract is easy after you gain some experience.

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Customer question.

Customer asks. “Do you recommend a 4 wheel drive?”   Hot shot trucking101 says ”


Yes, if you intend to work in the oilfield you will possibly need it a couple of times per year. I have seen a few guys use 2 wheel drive and do ok. But it is that one time you have to call a tow truck and they charge you an arm and a leg that you will regret not having it. It costs more but your resale is better as well. Better safe than sorry.”
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Income potential.

Here is some recent weekly deposit slips from my work. As proof of the kind of money that can be made if you know what you are doing in this industry.

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Who is qualified for this business.

Basically anyone who can get their CDL and DOT physical can do this work. Don’t worry if you have a criminal record as long as your driving record is good you will do fine.

Women can do this well as it is explained in my guide.

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Hot shot trucking Guide outline.

Hot shot trucking 101 outline

1:Intro to hot shot trucking

2:What is a hot shot?

3:About the business

4:Getting started

5:Trucks and Trailers

6:Getting a lease

7:Doing the job

8:To lease or get your DOT authority

9:Who can do the job?


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